I am finally beginning to enjoy my body again. In the past few months my workout regime had largely dipped down to nothing, and I had seen clear losses in muscle mass and the fat beginning to creep back. The last week has seen me back in the game, with help in part from my favorite protein, Optimum Nutrition’s Gold Standard in Rocky Road. Combining this with soy milk makes it one of the best tasting drinks I have ever had. Its actually quite unreal how good it is, in consideration of what nutritional punch it is packing. If I could drink these everyday instead of lattes I would. Except that I like the coffee bar atmosphere.

Anyways, I can see my definition coming back, and the volume coming back. I like. I am avoiding the uni gym for now until July, because I only pay per month, and so it wouldnt make sense to pay for all of June, when there isnt that much time left. Its all for the better, because it would be rather embarrassing for me to go in with my old comrades and let them see how far I have dropped! Fortunately, I can definitely feel and see my volume coming back and it is wonderful. I don’t think I will ever be in the glory days of old, when I was at 116 rep with the 100lb dumbbells, which seems absolutely nuts to me right now, but thats ok.

I have been taking calcium supplements now, given my lactose intolerance, and my lack of milk drinking, which at its peak, was 4L of skim every 3 days. And now its like 1L per month haha. As a result, its been really hard on my bones especially during gains, where the muscles grow that much faster, leaving the tendons and bones idling behind. It is especially during bicep curls that I notice my arms ache like no other, and I am pleasantly happy to announce that after a couple weeks of calcium (40% off at RExall!), my arms feel MUCH better after bicep day. I can now get through the whole workout without thinking OMG I do not want to do the next set! After each set, letting the weights go would just be unreal pain.

The Toshiba R700 is coming out and its sure a crowd pleaser. The R series was originally a completely non-affordable series often selling in the ranges of plus $2000 Cdn, even in the last few years with all the laptop price drops. What was amazing about them was that they were really thin and light, and yet had an optical disc drive, unheard of for their size- think Macbook Air with a DVD drive- in other words, Lenovos X301 which also sells in the plus $2000 range. To add insult to injury, the R series was always flimsy, being so thin and made of plastic. But that all changed today, with a full magnesium rebuild, and packing not some weak ultra low voltage processor, but a full blown i3, i5 and i7 CPU. I really want this! To make it all work out even better, the lowest configuration sells for an unreal $899 in the American Best Buys! This is really an unheard of deal, and I pretty much added this one onto the list of potential laptops- with the 13 inch Macbook Pro, Alienware M11x and Lenovo x201. Just unreal Toshiba! I never thought I would actually like a Toshiba again, after they turned consumer oriented and just churned out boring crap designs, but today just blows my mind. I love it. (image courtesy of Engadget which has a wonderful hands on gallery).

The only thing I am cautious about it, is that there was another magnesium built laptop that made waves that left me really disappointed- the Sony VAIO Y series. It was really depressing how bad the build quality was on that laptop, despite it having a metal case. I actually made it snap when I bent one in store (no physical damage, but the sound was really unsettling). I hope the Toshiba doesnt turn out like the Y series.

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