>Accidents and Spring Session

>So today while chatting away, there was a loud thump, smash, FUCK and then turning around, I saw that a biker had just been hit by a left turning sedan. It was a frightening reality, to think that an accident could happen just like that, no matter how hard you try to prepare yourself for whatever life can throw at you. He turned out ok, it was just bumps, scrapes and a damaged front tire, but it was pretty shocking to see it in person. Considering that corner is part of a regular commute, I was fairly alarmed for W and I. Eep.

We started our spring course today, an introduction to the assessment practicum we will be taking in the fall and winter term. It was both interesting and frightening how quick spring courses run, with our midterm next week and a quiz this Thursday. Also frightening is the cost of the course, leaving me actually feeling quite poor for the first time in my stint at university life. Gross.

I am fairly excited about my new workout regime. After talking with Mankeen, I decided to try dropping the high rep workout style I have been doing for ages, and check out his hard hitting two day workout style, where every muscle group is completed with 15 minutes. Each set goes until failure. I am excited because I am definitely displeased with my current progress and I like having the workout done much quicker, and needless to say, I am super jealous of Mankeen’s build.

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