I had a wonderful conversation with a Rogers wireless representative this morning. Usually they act quite cordial, in that even if they can’t offer what I ask for, they pass it to the retentions department, where I can rock a good deal. They seem aggravated and pissed off now, and the lady practically tried to eat my ears this morning, telling me that I shouldn’t even ask Rogers to give me things. Hehe. I am a bit greedy. I need my5 or something like that for the long distance calling this summer, and my day time minutes just aren’t cutting it. Oh well. I suppose I could keep trying to call, but it seems I always get Angry Laura on the phone.


In crazy news;
Rachael Shardlow, 10, was stung on the legs by a box jellyfish in the Calliope River in Queensland, despite being some distance from the ocean mouth.

The box jellyfish is renowned as the most dangerous in the world, with its venom having the capacity to cause heart failure and then death. It killed another swimmer in Queensland in 2006.

Rachael was pulled to the shoreline by her brother, who himself is just 13, and was unconscious for 30 minutes.Emergency staff induced a coma when she was taken to a local hospital and she required treatment for six weeks after the sting.But Rachael is now back to full health, despite experts suggesting the sting would have been expected to kill her.

“When I first saw the pictures of the injuries I just went, ‘you know to be honest, this kid should not be alive’. I mean they are horrific,” said Jamie Seymour, Zoology and tropical ecology associate professor at James Cook University.

When Rachael was pulled from the sea she had extensive stings on her legs and part of the jellyfish’s tentacles were still attached. Rachael’s father Geoff Shardlow said he had noticed a “small amount of short-term memory loss, like riding a pushbike to school and forgetting she’s taken a pushbike” but that there was no sign of brain damage.

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