I’ve recently just finished reading my first horror manga, and I have to say it was actually kind of freaky, until the end became so ridiculous it was tedious to follow, like Death Note. Uzumaki is about a town that lives in obsession with spiral shapes, to the point where they take part in a series of gross and and inhumane indulgences to satiate their thirsts. I think the horror theme develops from the unnatural qualities that they partake in, such as contortions of the body or face. At first the storyline was really fascinating with each chapter playing out a different obsession. Soon, it became really lame, like the last chapter where people could form tornadoes and throw them at each other. Wtf. Anyways, I was pretty pleased with the ability for a graphic novel to give me the creeps. Image courtesy of onemanga.com.

I just finished my last paper and officially ended my first year of the program on Monday. It was a tough all nighter, that was spent memorizing Korean pop singer moves and eating constantly. Honestly, now that its done, I feel kind of on withdrawal, like what am I supposed to do with my time. Its been so busy the last two months, that it just feels like I am wasting my time now. Eee. I miss my classes, even if the finals gave me some serious grief.

I’m really fat right now, and haven’t worked out consistently in weeks, to the point where I have lost both strength and stamina. It kind of grosses me out to see just a straight line down my sides, instead of the v-shape I had been so carefully chiseling out in January. Oh well, I just need to get back in. Today I did bicep and abdominal training. I’m really trying to drop some weight and stop being such a bulk product.

The new Dell Lightning looks like the phone that I have wanted since forever. It has a wonderful spec list, including a capacitive 800 pixel wide WVGA screen, a snapdragon 1 Ghz processor, a slide out physical keyboard that I absolutely need vs. an onscreen option, and is operating the new Windows 7 phone OS that just looks sexy. Rumored to be released in the fourth quarter of 2010, I can’t wait for it. As much as I love my Bold 9000, I do need a step up in screen size and browser capability. I love the overall design of the phone, it just looks fantastic. Originally I was gunning for the Android powered Sony Ericsson X10 on Rogers, but numerous reports of poor functioning, despite wonderful hardware specs (minus physical keyboard) make me feel reserved about it. Also, I need to talk to Rogers retention department and see if I can squander up a deal for unlimited incoming or at least network calling. Looks like I will need that this summer. Image from pocketables.net via Engadget.com.

The Nokia N8 looks like a bundle of disappointment for the Finnish giant’s new flagship. With an underwhelming set of specs (with only a xenon flash vs. the typical LED lights on most camera phones as redemption), it just looks so bland. I am fairly disappointed with what Nokia is pushing these days, and compared to the newest coming from Android and Windows 7, Symbian just looks bland and lame for an OS. Symbian^3 doesn’t look like much of a step up from its previous brethren, and it just doesn’t provide anything that makes me go Oh! And really, the screen resolution of 640×360? When everyone is dropping WVGA 800 pixel wide resolutions on their flagships, I expected more. Especially since previous flagships like the E90 had 800 wide screens. Lame Nokia. Just lame.

I’m really excited about the X201 ultraportable from Lenovo. It packs a 10-12 hr battery life, and yet operates with the power of Intel’s Core i5. Usually, battery lives like this are through Ultra Low-Voltage CPUs, like 1.3 Ghz Core 2 Duos, not the power hungry i5s. With a build quality most laptops can only dream of (minus the amazing unibody build of the Macbooks), the x201 is my next laptop for sure. I was having a tough choice between this and the Alienware M11x, which has a much stronger GPU, the Nvidia GT335, but that operates on a CULV, has less battery life, and really only has the redeeming factor of 20 different colors for its super sexy backlit keyboard. I couldn’t choose aesthetics over a recent deal of paying just a little more for the Lenovo, and getting the much more powerful Core i5 (especially for my needs of just everyday productivity) and a freaking 128 gb solid state drive. with i5 and a SSD, this laptop promises to fly through everything like a hot knife and butter. I can’t wait.  Image courtesy of notebookreview.com.

I’ve been spending a lot of time with somebody and its been wonderful! I’ve learned so much the last four months, and its just been such a whirlwind of great experiences. I have been really really happy. Yet at the same time I do feel like I am losing some of my identification. Things I used to ID myself with, like my really fantastic friends and family, my workout ethic, my love for school and such, have just been placed on the backburner. I really need to bring them back into my life! Geeze, I’m a bit of an idiot. I guess I’m what people unaffectionately label as a guy who wears his heart on his sleeve. I’ve got a lot of catching up to do that will require a substantial amount of elbow grease, as well as a lot of fat to get rid of.

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