>Back from hibernation


So life happened and it got real busy in the last four months. Probably the most fascinating learning experience I have ever had. Period. I have learned so much about myself that it makes me feel incredibly disappointed with how weak my integrity and personal beliefs really were. I won’t really talk about it on the blog anymore, its a bit too personal to just post randomly on a server. Needless to say, I dropped out of my regular life and started a new one.

Today I had my final exam for EDPY 501 Research Methods in Educational Psychology. It was a complete doozy. I crammed like no other, and guess what? It was effing applied material. Just like my BIOL 207 Genetics and ASTRO 320 Stellar something course. Of course I didn’t study for the damn course like an applied course. And of course I panicked. And all those feelings from second and fifth year came rushing back like a bad habit. I am worried.

I guess the summer is officially starting even though I have a final and a huge effing paper for my dear old Systems of Counseling EDPY 532 class, which BTW I cherish rather fondly. To start it off, I am kicking out my new DCs that I bought back in the winter but couldn’t flaunt in lieu of the dirty salted sidewalks. Also- my fat overhang is disturbingly like the muffin top college guys so fondly refer to. I need to run it off. ASAP. I ran for fifteen minutes the other day downtown, and it was terrible. I was heaving like no other. Ew.

My goal this summer is to cut heavy lifting down to 3-4 days and then run the remainder of the week. I don’t really want to be bulky anymore, and I recall fondly the days when I leaned down to 142-145 lbs, which was maybe a little too much, but I enjoyed nevertheless. It will be difficult to say good bye to heavy lifting, and destroying the bench press, but my aching wrists and wide frame call for change.

Also I need a job. And I might be heading down to Toronto for a break in the summer.

My other goal this summer is to bust out at least one new portrait sketch (I found an alluring model in a random magazine which strikes me as a great portrait idea) and to really bust out the Nikon. I haven’t shot in ages, and although mostly due to a lack of time, it is also because I have been sitting on my ass in creative vacuum. Its time to get out and about.

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  1. joey says:

    >Welcome back, we missed ya.

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