>Swept away


I realize that like this blog, i have neglected many facets of my life for the past two-three months. In particular, my friends and family, and on the side, my school work, spiritual growth, gym routine, eating habits and many others.

It is a regretful thing that I have done in the past two months, and in spite this, I don’t feel as remorse as I think I should. It is unfortunate that it seems that the things that I had held up so high before have now been so easily brushed aside.

And what for? For an emotion that I had been waiting for. For an emotion that I had held in such a high regard that it is almost grossly disproportionate to how far my lows have sunken because of it. And how much it has tossed my values aside so easily.

It is truly appalling that I have realized how little integrity I truly have in my own core values.

And yet what I have found in the last two months has easily been the most incredible journey I have walked in this life. I have never felt more satiated.


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