>So I realize I haven't really been blogging lately. Which is kind of problematic since I usually use writing as a means to relieve my cognitive turmoil off my mind. And as of late, there really has been only one thing on my mind and it really just seemed dumb for me to keep entering daily posts of how lame I felt and how my inner self was crying for attention. Ok that's not probably the most accurate description of what I've been like, but the amount of emails and texts I have been sending out, as well as the ginormous phone bill I just received from Rogers seems to indicate that now is the time when I need my friends the most. So thank you for those who have been putting up with my repetitive ranting.

You know that one friend that always seems stuck on one problem, and the answer is clear as day, but they do nothing about it and continue to complain? I used to laugh at that. Now I realize I have become one of those. And its really that damned difficult to actually make the right choice.

Anyways, during one of those ginormous rants with my homie Bong, I realized that my phone wasn't at all with me. Suddenly I realized that what is actually the pinnacle of my existence with my social support network was MIA. It turns out that when I left her car, it dropped out my pocket and I stomped on the screen and left it out on the road in our wonderful Canadian winter for three hours with nobody stealing it at all in peak McDonalds hours. I did however manage to get the screen all mashed up and I have now convinced myself that it is in fact ok to get a new phone, given how much I live off this thing. I also realized that I need to put a screen lock on it, given that if somebody found it, they would be able to access my entire life (almost).

I was talking to my uncle about weight lifting the other day and he has managed to convince me to slow down on my gains in the gym, given the five to six hours my biceps require to stop their agonizing post workout pains, when it really shouldn't be more than an hour. I dropped five pounds off my curl today and instead focused on form. It felt great.

I have a crappola of work to do now.

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