>Tongues always pressed to your cheeks, while my tongue
is on the inside of some other girl’s teeth
you tell your boyfriend
If he says hes got beef that I’m a vegetarian
And I ain’t fucking scared of him

She wants to touch me, wahoo
She wants to love me, wahoo
She’ll never leave me, wahoo wahoo hoo hoo
Don’t trust a ho
Never trust a ho
Won’t trust a ho
Cause a ho won’t trust me

I don’t know what to trust these days. I seek advice. I ignore advice. I seek knowledge. I distrust knowledge. I ignore my common sense and cling to what I have left. I distrust what little straws I have left to grasp. What can I trust?

I trust that January’s diet of apples and oranges as replacements for my vegetables have left my obliques popping out, my deltoids round and large, the upper abdominals getting hard and my bicep definition sharper than ever.

My ego is up in the clouds and I love it.

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