>As I watch my printer spew out yet another onslaught of notes for tomorrow mornings class, I lament over the lack of the paper tray to catch the overflow and it spews all over my desk like last night’s vodka. I lack the strength to care. I am tired, I want to sleep and I have to edit a damn brochure on childhood anxiety.

I am excited about this Saturday, I will be stopping by a friend’s ringette game to both cheer her on, and see what the hell ringette actually is. I’m also grabbing breakfast at McDonald’s and the new Dragonette album which has been out since September, but I have completely failed to notice.

What I am not really apathetic about is how my friends continually fall for the Best Buy/Futureshop/brick and mortar bullshit marketing. Spending more money for an extended warranty that often fails to provide any benefit, losing the student discount, the free iPod in the inevitable June Mac refresh….the list goes on. I sometimes want to go to Best Buy and throw a tantrum. But since my friends do not care about it, I can not. What I care about, they do not.

I really need to sleep now.

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