>Strength and Anger

In Psychology Today’s February issue, the Seething Beauty article describes how it is not the trod upon which are easily angered, but rather the entitled. Despite the notion that people who are rock bottom would be more easily enraged at their plight, it is in fact rather those with more bargaining power that feel that they have not received their just treatments and thus are more likely to step out of line. A new study from UC Santa Barbara shows how it is in fact men’s strength, and women’s self rated beauty which correlate with a sense of entitlement, proneness to anger, belief in the effectiveness of personal aggression and a history of getting one’s way.

The article focuses on Ann Coulter, whose anger may actually be a result of her being a tall, leggy blonde, certainly represented well on this cover of TIME magazine. Aaron Sell suspects that the machoistic attitude of strong men are a resultant of these men expecting to goto war and win, whilst women with strong self beliefs of beauty expect an unfair portion of the spoils (Matthew Hutson, Psychology Today).

Interesting. No wonder I feel so vain, empty pocketed and angry all at the same time!

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  1. Jia Hu says:

    >this is very, very interesting!! didn't know strength == anger…

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