Feeling pretty epic right now. My abdominals and deltoids are on such a huge growth curve, that its almost as good as long late night calls followed by early morning rings. I can see the outline of my upper abs and my upper delts are really showing some good curve. Really satisfied right now.I did four sets of upper chest dumbbell presses, three sets of these raises that resemble dumbbell curls, but you keep the elbows straight and just raise to chest level, and it squeezes the pecs in the upper center, and I did some ab work after (with some of the new stuff Phil taught me this week). Sweet. I love new exercises, it makes for an exciting workout. Which is hard when you workout at home, and its not as stimulating without the crowds. As much as I hate the tight quarters from the New Year’s resolution masses, I get super hyped with the filled gym.

Not satisfied with my work ethic. After the super stretch phone calls, I was brain dead early afternoon and slept for the most part of the day. I always hate when I do this, cause I feel like I could have done work in that time period, and on top of that, I have trouble sleeping on time because of my wonderful lack of tiredness. Oh well. No point in regretting the past. I have EDPY 501 to read.

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