>first day

I am feeling a little curve competitive right now. One of our classes, the research methods course, is a mixed breed with other students who I am unfamiliar with. I also don’t think I am feeling the love from them. I kind of feel like rocking that class now. Hmph. I can sense a distinguishment between classmates already, with our school psychology cohort slinging together versus everyone else. We are like old chums. In a high school cafeteria! Anyways, a fun filled first day of class. I really love the 501 prof, as he’s fairly quite insistent on being both easy to reach, and yet firm in his teaching objectives. I could see this being a great class.

I was also a little indignant about one of the questions asked today- “Why do creatures defecate when they are scared?” The answer is that they are trying to lighten their bodies for flight. I though there was more to this (and I am not altogether certain this was the right answer). My impressions were that defecating in front of a predator signifies some sort of illness/unhealthiness and serves as a deterrent, but my answer was totally shot down. Hmph! Its not that I am totally certain about my answer, but I do believe I have seen this before in previous literature. I might have to go look into that.

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