>From riches to rags

So I feel like I am getting closer to picking an area of study for my thesis component. I have found quite a bit of interest and happiness reading the journals from Small Group Research, where the last few papers I have read focused on the development of collective efficacy and how this pertains to the working world. I won’t bore you with the details just yet, but its been an interesting run so far, and I could see myself doing this for the next two years. What is kind of neat is that this year, we are doing an EDPY 501 Research Methods course, which is basically a focus on how to run studies in educational psychology. As much as I find the previous cohort’s reaction to the course as distasteful, I am a little excited to see the material content, which incidentally is tomorrow at nine thirty. It will also be the first time we will have people outside the counselling and school psychology cohorts, so that means new faces! Sweet.

I had an amazing day at the gym today, and as cocky as I sound, I had a a solid time. I could see some stares. I felt bloody fantastic. YES. But my glory in resistance training quickly turned into embarrassment as I attempted my two sets of stairs in the track. My quads, notoriously terrible for any sort of activity, failed me after two flights of stairs. Although I later recuperated and finished my cardio, it was a good shock to my system as to just how out of shape I really am. But never mind that negativity, I feel like I am on a good track for January! My goal is to take out six pounds to weigh 156 by the end of the month, a realistic proposition, as I can fluctuate to 158 by watching my diet on a minimal level. Sweet. At any rate, I have a disgustingly full first day tomorrow, and I have hopes (small ones) that I will wake up early and do biceps or shoulders training before I am off to school. Yes. Glad to see old faces again!

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