I suppose one of the things I would like to change this year is how I approach school. On top of being more organized and having a day planner which is actually used (and of course looking at Klassen’s work, I must actually have a higher self efficacy in this strategies’ effectiveness), I would also like to do more than the minimum. Although getting by seemed to provide quite decent results, my attitude of taking just what I feel is pertinent to my professional growth is perhaps a little too extreme, especially given that I have no idea really as to what I will need when I am actually practicing. And as nice as it is to say that at this point, grades do not matter (whether in as a research or a professional sense), I do feel that I have not gained as much as I could have this term because of my somewhat extremely relaxed stance. So I am not going to sweat the books like in undergrad, but I certainly am going to step up to plate a little more.

And really, when I say I am going to step up to plate more, its got to be more than what I am comfortable with- which in this term, it is clearly talking. I love the seminar styled classes, and if there ever was a motivation to read before lectures, it was to ensure I could instill a healthy dose of my own presence in whatever arguments would come up. One of the things I love doing before a talk (not seminars, but presentations) is just rehearsing the shit out of the topic so that it feels second nature. That includes talking to my pillows. But what I really need to do as well, is make sure that I am not only ensuring that I have placed the information for just short term arsenal, but long term as well. This requires me to actually memorize and apply material, as I had made a goal in the beginning of fall term. I believe that I have accomplished this goal to some extent, and often find myself wondering what literature I have read applies to whatever situation I am in. However, I know that I could do a better job.

I am feeling really pumped right now, having completed a solid set of bicep training. Although curling 55lbs standing might be out the question right now, come January’s end, I could see it happening. I also see that my biceps are visibly larger, and more importantly, my deltoids are really starting to stand out. I always hated how my triceps overwhelmed my upper arm build (mostly from the dumbbell bench), and made my delts look so small. With the recent increase in my shoulder training (yesterday 75lb single arm press! 6×6) and perhaps most importantly (IMHO) the front and lateral dumbbell raises, it looks like my shoulders are starting to finally round out and balance the triceps. Fucking awesome. Tomorrow I will hit the university gym for the 100lb dumbbell press for the first time in weeks (hello winter laziness) and more critically, I will start track training again. I want to feel the burn in my lungs that my first foray into the active lifestyle once brought me. I really do feel that the resistance training and cardio I will be doing this new year will turn me into a monster. I am excited. I still remember what I a kick I would get out of seeing my watch hit the thirty minute mark. Good times.

I really hope this doesn’t happen. Sigh. Apprehension in the new term.

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