>Its the New year


I am totally hooked on this site, phdcomics.com. I first saw it posted on the door of one of offices in the entomology wing in the EAS building during my bug studying days, and kind of forgot about it, until Howard brought it up again. Written by a grad student (former?) from Stanford, its a fairly witty take on the life of academia, and although I am not totally immersed in that world, its certainly a fresh spin on the horror that research can play out. Anyways, before I digress too much, this strip reminded me of a topic that came up just before and during the holidays- what is my plan? I think its quite fair to say that I am a goal oriented person, and thus far, most things that I have wanted to obtain, I have managed to do so. Although the methodology hasn’t always gone as schemed, the end seemed to always satisfy my way of thinking. This seems to have changed this term. Suddenly, not only do I have a plan, I don’t even have a goal in mind. I have thrown out major courses in my life, including marriage, children, settling and being independent. Now, normally I wouldn’t find this to be alarming, and thus far, in the past four months, I have felt comfortable “riding the wave”. Whatever happens, happens. However, I have also found that being so relaxed has been meddling with the affairs of particular things, including my work ethic and girls. I remember the one thing that was always particularly limiting during my undergraduate thesis, was my inability to maintain an organized schedule. What seemed to work for riding the bell curve, did not seem to apply to research, and thus far I seem to feel that I am regressing to that point again. So what’s the plan? I guess actually starting would be a good plan. I was supposed to start on three papers today, but that might not happen. Its a little distracting when you get phone calls! I also am finding that another problem with no plans is that I am meeting girls who like plans. Is this something that comes of that age? I am finding pressure to be more serious and you know, actually show that I do care. In all actuality, I have no idea what I am talking about right now.I don’t know what they want. I hate girls.

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