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Hehe, that’s so cute! Taken from phdcomics.com. Anyways, I had a fairly good day! The morning started with a shoulder workout, with an addition of five pounds to the single shoulder military press, bringing it to six sets of six reps at seventy lbs. This coupled with front and lateral raises with 30 lbs dumbbells leaves some serious inclination to develop the delts. Exciting! When I couple the strength increases I am currently undergoing, with running in January, I should see some significant aesthetic progress.

We ended up having a solid meal at Ichiban, an excellent Japanese restaurant located obscurely in the west end of the city. A variety of rolls (with mostly chop chop! yes!), good company and hot tea led to a solid lunch. This was followed by even more conversation over coffee at the nearby Second Cup, where I reconciled my love for their brews (after a lengthy dry spell) and thus ending with me being a happy camper.

I ended up going home and cooking curry chicken, which turned out to be quite damn good, although still fatty (even though I did cut the cream/butter content in half to respectively half a cup/one tablespoon). I gave myself a pat on the back, especially with how the sauce spooned wonderfully over the freshly steamed rice. I could totally get used to this, save for the fact that it took my nearly two hours to prep and make, leading to serious speculation that I could cook like this in the upcoming term.

I also managed to find a grossly rotted out green pepper, which had been partially consumed by a caterpillar of some sort (I can’t really confirm this is a caterpillar without counting the number of prolegs, as opposed to a hymenopteran larvae, but as far as I know, generally it is lepidopteran pests that consume vegetables). Anyways super gross. I almost lost my appetite. I love bugs, but like not at all in my food. Damn you mother nature. Oh and I almost forgot to give my props to Avatar. OMFG. There’s enough reviews and all on the internet for you to peruse, so I think my comments will suffice.

edit: some reading depicts it as maybe a corn earworm or an armyworm, both lepidopterans, as thought.

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