>Sonic boom


Today I went on a little retail therapy with the family and amongst other things, landed a highly coveted item (at least on Head-Fi.org) the Shure SRH840 professional line cans. I haven’t had too much time with them yet, and they still have to be burned in (whether this is an important or even a real requirement is another question, but the forumers seem to think these cans need it). What I can say right now, is that they blow all my other cans out of the water. Now I am not an audiophile. Far from it. But for the past year, I have been gradually deleting and replacing my library with 320KPS MP3s ripped from CDs (I can’t do lossless, the sheer size of the files makes me shy away, emphasizing the point of me not being an audiophile), and I have had a better appreciation for the music I love so much. I am not totally awash in sonic quality either, although my past records aren’t exactly stellar by any stretch of means. Anyways, I can recognize these hold a sonic signature that is much richer and in depth than that which I have heard before. The treble is wonderfully smashing and clear, vocals totally in your face and the bass…well the bass is accurate. Its not a bass monster by any means, but then again it was never designed to be. It was meant to be accurate, not consumer sheep pleasing. Thus far, it has been wonderful to hear cymbals and tambourines where I have not heard them before. Amazing. I don’t think I need to do a review here, I am not capable of comparing these to the other well rounded cans its competing with. What I can say is that these are quite distracting enough for me to move on for the moment.

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