I’m supposed to be wrapping presents right now, but that’s ok, I will take a break to blog. Yesterday I had a great time with friends, right from the wee hours of the morning. I ended up at the mall around ten, along with the rest of the city, trying to find that last something, which I ended up doing (!), at which point, Doris grabbed me and we headed off to Van’s for food prep. I would like to add that I felt fucking fantastic in my attire at the mall. Although I haven’t been as rigorous or concerned with how my aesthetic looks are in comparison to where my performance gains have been, I still feel like I can hold my own. Which might be good at this time, a splurt of confidence, if not outright cockiness to get my mind off of things. Which I have been feeling a bit better about. Its still tough, and everyday brings things that bring memories back that I thought had been locked away.

We spent most of the day prepping for the evening meals, and although I spent some time helping the main dishes, my favorite moments were making my own dish, a creamy chicken noodle salad. Its really the first time I have gone to the supermarket and prepped and made a meal (that isn’t largely premade). Even if the chicken was a store roasted one, I felt it was a big accomplishment in itself. Sweet! It turned out rather nice, and there were no leftovers yesterday from it. Phew! The night was quite nice, and the company enjoyable. Its always nice to see friends, and in particular I really am quite happy to have the company of a few particular ones who have made the past few days if not weeks, more bearable.

I worked out my biceps yesterday and my January goals are beginning to sink in as to what’s realistic. I think being able to stand curl 55lbs is going to be realistic, after January, but certainly not before its end. My left arm in particularly is quite sore these days, and I find myself struggling to maintain form with my current weight class. I just gotta keep working hard at it. I have noticed that the performance gains from weight lifting are not as appealing to me as of late, and I am somewhat considering the running circuit again, as tough as it was on my legs. I think I need a new sense of progress to get me hyped again. We will see in January whether I still share that same enthusiasm with running. I mean I still love walking into the gym and destroying a set of weights (if not for the full of shit attitude I kind of enjoy with the guys) but I do fondly recall the long endurance training I used to do. Hmm.

I really enjoy the random discount sandwich from Superstore. It wasn’t really amazing, but the Asian in me enjoys the discount clearance food items! Not really important to probably like anybody, but I live by the moment, and the sandwich kind of made my day. Wow, that sounds really simpleton. Oh well!

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