>Cause when hes looking she falls apart


Today I spent a good while going nuts with the dust wipes I picked up from Dollarama (20 for a buck!), and hit all major dust piles in my room. It was exciting. I leave a life of adventure and amazement. Gawd. That and my bottle of knockoff Windex.

I added another five pounds to my curl, bringing it to 55 lbs. I am still doing 6×6 reps of 50lbs standing curls, but now the seated curl at the preacher chair has the 55lbs at 3×6 reps. I switched it up to challenge my arms for the hopefully January goal of gunning for standing 60 lb curls at 3×8. So far it looks very promising.

I spent the last two nights and mornings on my phone. I never thought using the hands free would be helpful, but what a difference it makes for these call marathons! The calls are making the holidays go by quite happily. Although I am tired and sleepy, the ring in the morning was so nice. I am happy. Even if its quite the mess I am sitting in now. And that not sleeping is going to make me look gross.

I spent the afternoon with Pie catching up over coffee. A large skinny sugar free caramel coretto made for a solid conversation, although asking for extra hot would have made it that much better. Its kind of crazy how far people have grown their own separate paths in life, what with him now grabbing a mortgage and a 4th car(!), an old beater Crown Victoria (ex-copper ride!) to complement his stable of the R32 Skyline GTR, Subaru STI Impreza(X)and Toyota Supra (whaaaaaat). And here I am with my shiny new green U-Pass transit sticker! 😦 Hehe. Interesting how he’s now onto his way to a career life in a short matter of time, and I still have years to stamp down.

Speaking of years, I have found something rather interesting. I still haven’t chosen a supervisor for my Master’s and I was a little down struck after perusing one of the promising supervisors and seeing how he was not accepting anyone at all from my area (many tears were shed here). That and that ethics isn’t really something that is as useful for academia, which is literally written on the page I was on. However, I have managed to find a prof in our department who is researching the two aspects I find quite interesting, if not more so than the way I feel about ethics- group and motivational psychology with adolescents. In fact he is researching both of these combined, which I find super exciting. Although I certainly have not nailed the coffin in yet, having a project I am genuinely interested with could provide the good basis for a doctoral project as well, something I find rather appealing right now. I am excited. I think the next few weeks will be spent on psycinfo and a literature review party might be happening soon! Sweet.

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