>Retiring with some angry Rise Against tracks


I just got back from a bout of holiday shopping from the downtown excitement of city center. Overall a good success, with some much needed things from Dollarama especially (in particular a Windex knockoff and some static wipes for my comp rig, which is basically a metropolis for dust- in consideration for how much I paid for these wipes, they are highly effective!). This year’s list is nice, short and simple. What was not simple was running to the train station and having some guy yell out “Hey RUN JAPANESE! I’M COMING AFTER YOU” amongst other offensive statements. What I found interesting was how I reacted. I didn’t really hear him, and in all honesty, I’m pretty sure I was the bigger guy in the situation (literally, although he was taller, I had the upper hand for brute strength- oh how high school of me to say that). I turned around…and waved! And smiled, shrugged it off and kept running. I guess the thought is he likely has little understanding how offensive Asian people feel about particular statements he said, and in all honesty, starting a fight over something like this is just not worth it. There’s a purpose in picking your battles, and this was not one of them. I went home, cleaned my rig and am feeling pretty smug still. Its unfortunate that incidents like this still have to happen, but I’m not at all surprised about it. Duking it would not change anything, and I hope that my reaction would change his stance, although judging from his appearance, I doubt that had little impact.

I had a phone marathon the other night and it was kind of awesome. I am not a phone person by any stretch, and often emphasize the talk over coffee/meals in person. However, I am finding it much more difficult to manage such excursions these days and its kind of neat. Its not exactly my forte talking for that long, but I can learn!

I discovered a jar of chili sauce hidden in the depths of my closet that I had picked up at TnT supermarket (did you know there is another one in the northside?) and that really made my day. I find that a lot of my meals are a bit on the bland side, and I often resort to sauces which amps up the calories and sodium intake. I am supremely pleased at the discovery of this chili sauce. Mmmm. Although I am not exactly sticking stringent to a diet (and by stick, I mean I am not eating well at all), I am enjoying holiday food so much this month, that I can skip the added girth. I am stronger than ever, and although my form isn’t exactly lithe and athletic, I can live with that. I am having a solid holiday feasting session.

Speaking of girth, today was the first time I did not fit into a small or a medium. I went to GAP and tried on a super cool jacket. Neither small or medium fit my arms at all. When I put on the large, the arms slid in nicely, but the body was so ridiculously over sized that I looked unawesome. This is a first. I am somewhat pleased at the growth rate of my arms, and in particular, my biceps.

I did manage to nab some sweet finds today, including a perfect fitting Gap down filled vest, which is super warm and much better suited to my build in comparison to my old one from high school which has enough room inside to hide a pregnancy within. The vest was on sale and had an additional 25% off, sealing the sweetness that fits my upper torso so well.  I also nabbed an awesome Burton neck warmer that has a dog mouth on it. The price and the Burton tag sold it, as did the girl trying to get a hold of this last item steal (what aisles am I shopping in?).

Today I had a venti Peppermint Chocolate Mocha chino (sp?) at Starbucks. It sucked. The last few times I have been at Starbucks, I have been disappointed (you know I am pleased that I now remember that disappointed is spelled with one ‘s’ as I commonly have misspelled it my entire life) by lukewarm temperatures, too much acidity/burnt aftertaste, absolutely no flavor and in today’s case all of that but also grit floating everywhere. I think its time I stop going to its convenient stores which are everywhere but inside my house. Ok, today’s wasn’t lukewarm because I asked for extra hot knowing they have a feeble interpretation of what hot coffee is supposed to be like, but it was not enough to save the drink/day. I am still firmly trenched in Second Cup and Java Jive (although recently I have been spending an enormous amount of time at Cookies by George, as I do enjoy their flavored creams, calories/fat and sugar be damned).

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  1. o says:

    >Oh man, what a coincidence. Yesterday, I had more racial comments than I've had in the last 6 months. It was quite hilarious. I think it happened like 3 times on the tram and one at a bar. Doesn't normally happen though, besides the constant stares. =PMy friend also told me about some news they had 5 years ago, where about 20 Dinamo (local Zagreb football club) were drunk and saw 5 asian guys and wanted to kick their ass. They had bats and everything. What they didn't know was unfortunately, these 5 were the National Tae-Kwon Do team for China or something, and completely destroyed the 20 of them. Karma's a bitch.

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