>Cajun Love


I had a real solid dinner tonight with one of my homies at Dadeo, the cajun diner on Whyte avenue. Always a solid eatery, Monday and Tuesdays are cheap eight dollar po’boy specials. Essentially a glorified mini submarine, the Po’Boy is a solid deal with plenty of meat, salt and sauce to last a lifetime of health problems. Howard grabbed the philly cheese steak and I had the pulled pork, which is just stringed out pork with some BBQ sauce (really not all that great in comparison to the home made pulled pork I have had in the past week). We ended up also splitting a crab cake Po’Boy which was the better one, albeit a bit soggy, since the cakes have a battered lining. Overall a great dinner, with of course, the sweet potato fries! And really, as much as I criticized the fried oyster Po’Boy before, I am a bit sad I didn’t order it tonight.

I had a really good conversation with Howard, the likes of which I haven’t had in a long time. I’m really glad for these moments in life, catching up with old friends. Le sigh. Happiness. A nice contrast to a somewhat hectic and frustrating afternoon. Wonderful!

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