I am in this awesome state where I have my January goals set out in front of me. Last year’s was to bench press 100lb dumbbells for 64 reps at 8×8. This I have achieved and surpassed tremendously. My new goal is to attain or surpass Bruce Lee’s curling strength. Just a snippet: “The weight training program that Lee developed during a stay in Hong Kong in 1965 placed heavy emphasis on arm development. At that time he could perform single bicep curls with 70 to 80 lbs (about 32 to 36 kg) dumbbell for three sets of eight repetitions. ” The craziest thing about this is how lean Lee actually is. Pound for pound he’s one of the strongest guys I have read about. He doesn’t have the volume to back up typical strength brags so its all the more remarkable.

Right now I am currently throwing a slurry of curling exercises, although the brunt of the workout is the standing curl at 36 reps with a 6×6 set/rep with 50 lb dumbbells. I think if I dropped all other curling exercises and focused on dropping the sets in half I might be able to curl 60lbs. In the last month I have added 10 lbs to my standing bicep curl. The prospects are good for my January goals. If I ever wanted to go crazier, matching Lee’s lat builds would be my next step, but that is so unbelievably unattainable at the current moment, I will forget about that.

I am fricken in love with my Sideways.

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