I’m really grateful for my friends right now, as they have provided me some serious shoulders to lean on this past week. I am going through such a odd patch right now, and find myself constantly in conflict with old and new values. My clash of western and chinese culture, ideologies and old and new friends seems to just spiral out of control. Ok not really out of control, but its kind of high right now.And by that I mean I am still just as happy! But really, I don’t want these feelings to stop and yet I feel like I don’t know what the future could be like. And as much as my logic and friends provide evidence of the pitfalls, I don’t want to end it. I don’t care what will happen later. I am just in the here and now. I am naive. I know that.

I have discovered the pitfall of psychological work- case records. After each session with my clients I need to write a report on the work done. This can include client presentations such as the conversation dialog, their physical symptoms or how they respond to my interventions. What I think is the real burden is sitting down and writing these reports. Seasoned psychologists can shoot off case reports under five minutes, which is really the only time you have between sessions (psychologists work under 50 minute work hours, so you have ten minutes between clients). Right now, it takes me about twenty to thirty minutes and I am well aware that what I am writing is not upto snuff professionally, given these are legal documents. If there is one thing I will be excited about this holiday, is that I will be able to take a break from the writing! Its interesting certainly in its process, but its quite labor intensive for me at the moment.

I did the flat bench dumbbell bench press yesterday. There is some sweet new equipment in the university gym, in particular a new bench that has quad leg support rather than the traditional three point bench that rocks so much. I think I am pretty satisfied with the new bench workout, with six sets of ten reps with 100lb dumbbells versus the old eight by eight. Although I am not doing as many reps, I am adding more burn per set and it certainly is challenging still. I find that the greatest feeling is that I no longer have to dread eight freaking sets which takes a while (nevermind when I was at 115 reps at 100lbs before summer!) I completed my workout with a solid set of spins on the pull up bars and cocky as I may sound, I felt like I owned the gym yesterday.

I finally picked up my pair of Oakley Sideways from Lens Crafters the other day. They screwed up and gave me them in tortoise shell and not the brown/blue trim I ordered. The thing is, the lady knew that ordering as it turns out Oakley only offers two colors for prescription Sideways frames, so she should have told me right from the start. It turns out I rather like the color, as I can dress them up or down, whereas the old blue trim would only allow a dress down attire. I also snagged Lady Gaga’s the Fame Monster and have been enjoying it a lot, as poppy yet catchy as it is. I wanted to grab Coconut Records’ Nighttiming but it turns out its an Australia only release and HMV has a three month ship time along with a pretty hefty thirty buck price tag. Ew. I am looking for this one online. Amazon is usually the trick for me.

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