>Annnd Relax


I went out with the friends tonight for a nice beer and wings/nachos. It was kind of nice to hit this up after my last final, and I was certainly looking forward to it. Do you know how much of a noob I am with alcohol? I just realized that warm beer is gross. Even if that beer has delicious raspberries in it. Currently I now have a slight headache, a full tummy and a need to workout immediately. I also need to get up early tm (ok really not that early, like eight am) to administer a test and then I’m off to retirement for the day. We have a solid afternoon of cooking planned at my friends place, and then a potluck for our program in the evening. Should a grand time! I am looking forward to cooking, as its the first time where I feel obligated to make something and put an effort into it. Ok, its not like previous potlucks were less important but I definitely feel like this is a special potluck, with my newfound partners in crime.

I am looking forward to landing a set of Shure sRH-840s, as I have now located a site with a solid price for these bad boys, and now it is just a matter of saving up for these sweet cans. I was debating on a pair of Grado SR-225i’s, and I still might give them a try given their reputation, but the Shure’s have been getting such good review on Head-Fi.org and buying the companies top of the line for such a cheap price doesn’t help deter me at all from them. Apparently the image from Shure suggests that when you buy these slamming headphones, you also become a model and get a Macbook. Cool.

My next plan this holiday is to really catch up on my reading, as I am hella behind on my counselling books. Although its not necessary for me to do so, as the classes are officially done and over with, I feel there is an obligation to do so in a working sense, and that it can only benefit me to do so. I am looking forward to curling up to the stack of unreads with a nice mug of coffee beside me for the next few weeks. Yes, there is that much reading to do.

Anyways, I am off for a workout.

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