>Kicking it at the WEM


Tomorrow I will have my last exam of this my program’s first semester! I am quite excited about this, and am ready to be done. It is sort of an odd ball in that we have had two midterms that have essentially covered the material in the book, literally a week ago, and the final is a case study which applies all of it. Since we have been reiterating the material on such a constant basis, I am not sure how to feel ready for this exam. Maybe there is a way, but at the moment, I don’t particularly care! I am excited that writing this exam is really a low pressure sort of deal, hardly the same affair a year ago in my undergraduate times.

Last night was one of the best nights I have ever had in my life and one of the worst at the same time. Have you ever had something so wonderful and yet so far away? Ok really my shitty metaphoric use is a thinly veiled guise to cover my happy yet bitter night. Let me emphasize the happy and the bitter part with exclamations and shouting. On top of that, a wonderful morning. Which was also bitter. But happy! Oh how confusing. You won’t understand what I am talking about, but I think you get my drift. Maybe.

Yesterday I went out to the mall with a few friends to go shopping (which says a lot about how my stress levels have changed since last year). The highlight of my shopping trip was discovering the chinese food section in TnT which was amazing. For eight dollars, I had a ginormous tray of food, which of course was all meat and some tofu. There was this home made (ok really more like Golden Rice Bowl restaurant made, but also a good standard to go by) taste that made me really really happy. And the amount of food? Stunning. Happy days. I found it really exciting to be out rocking the mall with my new found mates from my program. This year is just really really awesome.

I also landed a new pair of kicks from West 49. At a sale price with another forty percent off, they were a complete and easy to swallow steal. They won’t be seeing any winter action, but they will pair up nicely with my hyper blue DC shorts and Oakley Sideways shades (which have a sweet blue trim) in the summer. Matching? Yes! Professional? No!

Anyways back to studying…..

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