So after a delay I am back.My finals went fine, I haven’t checked my marks, but I don’t seem to really care to check. I’m very excited about this, as it is the first time that I haven’t been stressed at this exact time in the last seven years of my life. Actually one of my papers was returned with a big fat glaring B minus. Months ago, I would have been choked over this, and believe me, I am not thrilled about it. But for different reasons. Whereas before I would worry whether that had just closed off a future path, I now worry about how this affects me as a professional. I have the option of making corrections and applying it in the sense that works best for me now, whereas before, all I would think about was crying and thinking how much more pressure the final now carried. So all in all, a great time! I know why I received such a low grade, so I’m not too choked at all.

On Thursday, the Department of Educational Psychology had its annual Christmas potluck, and it was amazing. I brought some toffee sponge pudding cake from Safeway in my hasty chase to catch the bus, and I dont think anybody ate it. đŸ˜¦ But at any rate, it was still a good potluck, with tons of good food. In particular the turkey and mounds of stuffing was effing great. I really enjoyed the company most though, as the whole department crammed into a seminar room and there was some great conversation. I love my classmates! And my clinical supervisor sat for lunch with us too. I was a little apprehensive to go, as there are a lot of people in the department I don’t know (yet) and I was a little intimidated to lunch with them. But that never happened, cause my awesome crew met up with me! Hehe. Its like high school all over again, tryign to find friends in the cafeteria. Eating by oneself is supposed to be an evolutionary nono, since it leaves one vulnerable to predators, if an individual is alone and preoccupied at the watering hole (hence thats why you see animals always putting their heads up whilst drinking). Anyways, great effing food. And somebody brought Tim Hortons donuts. OMG.

My computer setup is off the hizzle right now. I had a wonderful viral attack this morning, which managed to shut off any .exes from running, including my trusty (except in this case) spyware removal program, Spybot Search and Destroy. It allowed my F-Secure antivirus to run, but the system was taxed so bad that F-Secure crawled to a halt. My RAM usage shot up to high nineties and for Windows XP Pro, using 2GB of Ram is pretty nuts with just Google Chrome and iTunes running. It actually disabled CtrlAltDlt and would immediately shut the window. Than it started to eff with Windows Live, and made this popup window of a false Live Virus Protector program pinging alarms everywhere. If I was a noob, I think it would have been pretty easy to have been fooled into thinking that was an official Window’s product and would have clicked install. Fortunately I am not a tard, and I restarted….which only made it come back. With like eighteen zillion popup windows and a total dominance of my system tray. And even though my system tray is only on one screen (I probably should pick up a copy of that program that spreads the system tray across the screens, I can’t remember the name right now), it managed to ping prompts across a pretend system tray…across all three of my screens. Exciting. So I ended up booting in safe mode and tried to run Spybot or F-secure. Unfortunately F-Secure is disabled in safe mode, and Spybot’s window just doesn’t show up, so a System Restore to Tuesday’s working image mended things quite nicely. A prompt scan with Spybot and F-secure showed a bunch of malware (which F-secure didn’t find I should emphasize on the importance of having dedicated spyware vs. antivirus software alone). I am not sure what it was, whether it was malware or a virus, but its the first time I have had a more serious attack on my comp. Just being safe on the internet has been fairly kind to me in the past few years, so it was a bit of a shock to see it take my rig down this morning.

I used to use AdAware before its anniversary edition effed my computer up on reboots. But I remember AdAware finding stuff that Spybot, AVG, Norton and F-Secure couldnt find (I vaguely remember using Nod32 for a bit before it started effing with AVG), so I am currently running a copy of that. For the past four hours. WTF. If it doesn’t find anything, I am going to be annoyed. My computer is good enough to run most processes in the background without lagging, but its kind of annoying to see my RAM usage higher than normal. For comparative purposes, a full scan with F-secure usually takes half an hour and Spybot is about 20 minutes. So four hours and counting is nuts. I am building an i7 rig for my next desktop for sure (thats for another post).

Suffice to say, conquering the attack made me immensely satisfied and my self efficacy shot through the roof, in a way that only a nerd could appreciate.

I have been working out in the last few days, catching up on the week and a half that I took off to prepare for finals. Surprisingly, my bicep strength has both maintained its minimal strength and at the current state, appears to have increased! I usually do standing curls with six sets of six with 40 lb dumbbells, with 45 lbs thrown in the first two sets to kick it a notch. I can now do six sets of six at 45lbs! This is huge, as the biceps are notorious for being difficult to build, despite the ease in isolating them. That’s a win in my books.

Anyways computer stuff aside, I am off to study for my last case study for Tuesday.

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