I am currently in the midst of a crisis in terms of school work. O.k. its not so much of a crisis as it is crunch time, and despite all the numerously wonderful things (and the few frustrations which set the happiness factor back slightly) I simply am too swamped to be consistent with my blog at the moment. Knowing that I am learning quite a bit, and am immensely happy with my program and life in general is probably the best I can depart right now. In other words, I probably won’t be internet present on blogger for a bit until December lets a load off my chest. So until then, see you later!

Oh and also that laptop is incredibly sexy. I want.The Dell Adamo XPS is a luxury class laptop with design as its primary goal. The innards are largely housed behind the screen, whilst the keyboard folds out of the screen, completely opposite of conventional laptop standards. If I am buying a new comp, I want something different, something so uniquely bizarre it turns heads. Even on statues. Hot.

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