I need to apologize for the lack of postings in the last bit. I usually post when something insightful or particularly lame comes up. Its not that I haven’t experience either. Its just that as of now, I have been experiencing easily the best few months of my life, challenging my fantastic time during my wonderful stint the inner city children’s program. Its been so great that I am able to forget the little challenges (including blogging!) that have been popping up here and there, and its just been amazing.

I love the program content. Its so pertinent and practical and so right up my alley that I couldn’t ask for more. I am actually really sad that its going to be ending in a few weeks. My favorite class, EDPY 536, an introduction to school psychology, is a great place to discuss the pragmatics of the profession. I love the new ideas each week and the discussions we hold. Its so exciting to hear the different perspectives from both the professor, the guest lecturers and especially my classmates, who comes largely from a psychology background and hold different objective standpoints than me. It challenges me intellectually and makes me feel like I am creating a broader perspective and ridding my biases, whilst affirming my beliefs. Especially exciting is my introduction to counselling class, where school psychology and counselling intermingle and grow. I love how 90 percent of the topics intrigue my curiosity to induce mental dialog, and how the remaining 10 percent isn’t really important anyways.

I love my professors. They are all so supportive of our development as professionals, and as thinkers. Far from the impersonal undergraduate life that I once loved dearly (and still do, to a lesser extent now), they make efforts to ensure that we understand the material, and to my belief, really care about our growth. I love how our ethics professor admits that studies show professional program students lose their moral reasoning as they graduate, and yet he makes his darndest to make us give a damn. I love how Jacqui Pei keeps the conversation on level with her students, ensuring that we feel comfortable every class to open up to all topics, despite her impressive credentials.

I love my new friends. My classmates are all very supportive of each other and it makes the classes so much more. I love going to class, staying in class and staying in class after I had already stayed after class. I love chatting about everything. I love the laughter. I love the intellectual discussion. I love feeling like I have achieved some sort of cognitive distance every time I leave for the bus. I love how my friends make sure that I actually submit my assignments on time (or at all).

You know, for all these years of search, frustration, wonderment and sometimes outright bewilderment on where I should be, I think I found where it is.

For once in my life, I feel like I fit in.

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