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I loooove the Canon S90. As mentioned in my previous post, a fully pocketable compact with the power to satisfy my snapshoting prowness. That dual ring operation makes me swoon. I love mechanical rings. It makes the operation so smooooth in comparison to menu driven systems. I love the lens, and I love the camera.

The new Canon 7D takes on the Nikon D300s in a way that Canon hasn’t done before. Typically you had a two choices in the prosumer market for Canon- the X0D series, like the recent 50D, and jumping to a full frame XD series, like the 5D Mark II that made such a splash last year. Nikon on the other hand made you go straight to the DX00 series, like the often praised D300 and now D300s. The full frame D700 (which would pretty much be my dream camera) was a little off in its own price league. Hence Canon didn’t really have a direct competitor price wise against the D300. Holding the two prosumer cameras together and there was a difference in terms of handling. I can’t really comment on them much more than that, as I’m not terribly into the market for prosumer DSLRs as I am into prosumer compacts, but these 7D photos are to die for. All images courtesy of Gizmodo.com.

Look at that! Just plain good looking. I love these shots.

Of course I took one of the Canon 7D’s shots of the new Blackberry Storm 2. Lovely. I have something to write about Blackberry’s direction in a later post. In a mean way. But for now enjoy that sweet photo.

I am currently enjoying a nice break from classes and doing some serious catchup in my reading. Which has been rather fun to do, even if its about administrative components of school psychology. In fact I need to go read right now.

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