I am having a fantastic time this week, as I sit back and think what differences have occurred since September. The greatest thing I can see at this moment is the inclusive fit of my cohort. We are rapidly becoming a tight knit group which I can say with much certainty, makes me a very happy camper. I suppose with 8 people in the school psychology stream and 8 in the counselling psychology stream, that would have been bound to happen, but nevertheless, I quite enjoy it. I don’t get along with everyone equally (obviously) but I’m really digging the chemistry between some of us. Bloody fantastic. One thing that I have always been rather Daisy Downer about the last few years is how shattered friendships have become over the years as we all dig our own trenches in life. I really feel this is a new start with new friendships, but not just that, but new professional relationships. What excites me in particular about this is that not only am I making new friends in class, but in the workplace as well, and I look forward to this long term development.
I am also excited that I am not as hung up over academic performance as I was in previous years. Its kind of nice being really annoyed (think; pissed) that I threw away marks for not submitting stupid exam question suggestions, but then being able to brush it off the next day. I wouldn’t be doing that before. It would be teeth and nails at the prof, trying to garner any lost ground back. I am just happy with having taken a good amount of learning from that class. Win.
I am also in question over where I will go with this field. I suppose my problem is that I enjoy so many aspects within it, I am not sure if doing more school is a necessity or if its just a whim. With so many different stances on the doctoral program, I am just not sure where I sit with it, but I can tell you I am damn excited to be in the field right now. There are so many changes being made right now, its real neat to see change in progress.
I am also very excited over one particular camera model. At first I was quite adamant about hopping onto Canon’s G series when I had the cash, but now I am having reserved thoughts about it. The reason I need a better compact is that I am using my Nikon D90 much less these days, simply because of heft. Its not that I think its too heavy, its more like its too bulky to carry to anything but special events. Try the last Metric concert. I would have loved to have something more than my shitty Blackberry camera. Wielding the D90 in the crowds would have been insane.
Enter the Canon S90. I was rather blase about the reintroduction of the Canon S Series when it was announced a few months ago. Rather bland looking in its press shots, I saw little reason to consider it a major improvement on the Panasonic LX3. In comparison, they are similar in being small compact cameras with fast F2 wide angle lenses. Particularly important in their conception was the limitation of the megapixel count to ten MP, in order to reduce noise especially at higher ISO sensitivities. What is particularly different between the two is the lack of the hot shoe on the Canon (which I do find useful especially for indoor shooting with a flash gun), and the size. Although the Canon was depicted as being slightly smaller, I never took that into serious consideration until I held one yesterday in Best Buy. It was rather amazing feeling the lack of a protruding lens (to the Lx3’s argument, the Panasonic does have a wider arguably more useful 24mm lens vs the Canon’s 28mm lens). Furthermore, it just felt like a camera I could truly carry anywhere, just in my pocket ready to go. With a fast F2 lens, I could forgive its small sensor. Wired magazine gave this camera their editor’s pick (photo courtesy of Wired.com). Normally I do not agree with Wired’s results, often missing the important characteristics that define each model, and only applying common consumerist knowledge in their decisions. However, what photographer elitists often forget through the lust of full frame fast F2.8 L class lenses, is that the most important determinant of a good picture is being able to take it. You can’t take a picture without a camera. And when my D90 isn’t with me all the time, I can feel that. I want this camera. Like now.

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