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I love DisplayLink. Adding more screens adds just a tad shy of  37MB of RAM usage. For the amount of screen estate added, its awesome. It is a fantastically delicious combo. At any rate, here’s a fellow HardForum member’s rig. Sexy only a geek could call chic. I love the 24 inch backlit LED Apple display! So hot. And the 24 inch iMac?! Super cool IPS screen technology right there. What’s IPS? Its the BEST screen technology, wide viewing angles and not input lag. My MVA LG panel has great angles, but unspectacular input lag. The last and bottom of the heap, and cheapest is TN. Crappy viewing angles, it makes it up with fast input for gaming, but the image quality almost makes it not worth it. Anyways just a little geek blurb from me.
Image taken from Gizmodo.com. They managed to land a super sexy 27inch iMac, the newest iteration with an astounding screen resolution of 2560×1440, maintaining the 16×9 aspect ratio which is wider than the 16:10 wide aspect ratio that you are probably viewing this blog from, or if you are Owen, you are looking at a 4:3 aspect ratio on your thinkpad x61. Anyways, 16:9 traditionally has just axed an extra 120 pixels vertically from 16:10 monitors (for example 24 inch monitors are standard 1920×1200 not the Full HD resolution of 1920×1080 like on TVs). So at any rate, Apple has maintained 16×9 res, but increased the pixels to minimize screen estate loss. The end result is a resolution that rivals their own 30 inch Apple Cinema Display monitors, which are just the absolute hot dream of mine to own. Also hot today- The Macbook Pro line is now 100 bucks cheaper. Helloooooooooooooo.
I just wanted to note that Al gore uses 3 30 inch Apple Cinema Displays. The geek inside me cries a little inside. As does the environment which their power usage.
Anyways I need to get back to my presentation. I have a lot to do, little time to do it, and all the relaxation to make it an easy drink to swallow.

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