>Its getting crazy


I’m finally starting to feel stressed about the school term, a long overdue characteristic which I greatly anticipated for graduate school but was left inquisitive as to where it had gone. Certainly this is a different ball game than my undergraduate stress where I was concerned about cutting out future academic endeavors. Now its a matter of do I live upto the standards of all the psychology buffs in class. Not that its a competitive atmosphere. Far from it, my cohort has been anything but cutthroat. Its more of a personal measure and certainly years of test anxiety do not disappear in a few months within the safe zone.

At any rate, we have a ginormous presentation on generalized anxiety disorder with children due alarmingly soon, as well as an ethics midterm which I am far from ready for. I have plenty of time to prepare for them, I just need to keep my shit cool. I’m in a rather anxious state right now, rather interestingly during a time where I am learning how to treat anxiety. Sigh.

Let me emphasize thought that this stress is not overbearing like in my undergrad. Its a stress I am a little more welcome about, because I feel that I have not been pushed enough thus far in my program. I am excited to see what limits I will reach with this, and am excited to finally get the ball rolling here.

Today I met one of the new guys at the gym. Far from a newb though, I asked him about the single set of 110 lb dumbbells he benched a few weeks ago. As mentioned previously, I was completely and utterly unable to do 1 rep with the 110 lb dumbbells. This after I benched 117 reps with 100lb dumbbells (yes over a long period of time, try 1.5hrs!). It was surprising to say the least that I was unable to do even one rep at ten pounds more per arm. This new guy and I had a chat about what I could work on to develop my strength for the next stage, which included focus on tricep development, which is interesting in itself. I never work my triceps except for the occasional dips. Why? I feel they have developed enough on their own through bench press. So I guess now I am going to start a little soul searching with them again. Along with the conversation, he mentioned that he actually dropped down in his bench, from a healthy 130 lb dumbbell press. Unreal. I can’t even describe how dangerous/insane it feels like holding 100lbs in each hand as you lie backwards for the bench. I can’t imagine what 130lbs would feel like. Just absolutely nuts. To give you a frame of reference, Ronnie Coleman benches 200lb dumbbells in this video, a full double of my bench. See that part where he picks the weights up and lies back? It is the most terrifying part of bench press, wondering if you are going to get them up. Off your face. No matter how many times I work with the 100lbs, I am still not comfortable with them. As well, irregardless of how many repetitions I do at 100lbs, it is absolutely insane that he can do 200lbs. Swoon.

Today’s task lies with finishing a can of Coca Cola (which I have not drunk in a really long time, and cannot say I am a huge fan of) and finding an article depicting my topic for literature discussion next week. I am interested in the narrow interpretation that teachers have of just what a school psychologist can do, in particular, why they are seen simply as those who come to diagnose and sort. It is interesting that in spite of their graduate level training in psychosocial behavior and research, there is a severe limitation to just how they may operate in schools. This is truly an undermining of the potential they can offer. How this perception can be changed is beyond my scope, but I would love to hear about suggestions, which I hope will come up within our discussion.
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