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I have half an hour to kill before I start today’s shadowing session at eight am. I have little brainpower to edit the last remnants of my midterm papers due tomorrow (like 20 minutes max of editing-schwing!) and I’m too grody to actually chill out. So I will make it back to my neglected blog.

Our school term is finally starting to really pick up speed. I have scheduled appointments with my first counselling clients starting next Tuesday, which I am particularly excited about. Although the scope of the school psychologist’s role is predominantly an assessment/sorting position in North America, it is gradually shifting towards that found in Australia, with a role in intervention and consulting. So the shift is moving from direct to indirect relationships with clientele. Although there are disadvantages to this, I am largely excited to how wide the scope opens up. I enjoy the consultive process as much as the diagnostic role thus far, so its nice to be able to work in roles that have not traditionally been our responsibility, such as in this case, counselling. It is rather intimidating that we are getting clients this early, with very little intervention skills, let alone a defined counselling style (such as a person centered vs. a behavioral cognitive therapist).

BUT, we are actually starting intervention methods now in our counselling class, which provides a great deal of structure and relief for many of my classmates (myself included). Although there are many counselling approaches which tip on the edge of a completely non-directive role, such as that advocated through Carl Rogers (and largely criticized too, if I might add), it is a much more familiar territory to start off with cognitive behavioral therapy, with much more structure, although arguably less so than that followed by say a teacher. I was sort of put in my place when I used a teaching intervention during one of our sessions (eep!).

Yesterday I had a really solid session of H20 again, a great place for discussion of theology, Christianity, and in particular, the notions of just what the term cheating encompasses. I won’t dig into it right here, since we had an epic argument over the dinner table, but it was one of the more invigorating and exciting moments I have had discussion wise in quite awhile. Thanks Jia! I particularly enjoy these discussions (if not outright shouting matches), because I am particularly concerned about my rather embarrassingly weak critical arguing skills. I spent way too much time in my undergraduate program memorizing and barfing on exams, and very little time in actual discussion so I am happy.

As well, I am particularly excited about November. There are a lot of things happening, and in particular, Dr. Reinhard Pekrun will be visiting our department from the University of Munich for a lecture and discussion. An emotive researcher, his particular concerns are of emotion and achievement, educational assessment and the implementation of these factors with effective classrooms, which is pretty much right up my alley. By my alley, I mean I am largely interested with delving my research proposal into this area. Its also a huge reason why I joined this program and why I love teaching in general. So other than the massive time conflicts he has with my classes/presentations, I am super psyched.

I gotta go.

*edit- my shadow psychologist forgot about me. Le sigh.

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