Today I experienced such immense satisfaction I have happiness streaming from my brain tassels. Although the day started off rather slowly, it quickly came to fruition starting with a large hazelnut cream coffee from my fanfave Second Cup. A favorite window seating with a hot coffee in hand and the brisk frost outside with slowly descending big fat snowflakes created an adjective filled craze within me. This coupled with an impressively increased work speed on my two essays due on Friday created such happiness that I smiled all the way home, where a surprise jumbo Koryo combo awaited my hungry hungry stomach. Despite the obvious caloric overload and fat content, I was supremely pleased about the unfolding of tonight’s events. The fact that I hardly get to study at Second Cup anymore, only augments one of my favorite study haunts.

It certainly does fulfill the group behavioral model, where simple tasks are increased with speed due to the heightened awareness in such settings. Actually, although there is some contradiction with Robert Zajonc‘s theory (that speed is hindered in complicated tasks due to complex/novel situations, which in this case is synthesizing new material for my essays), it probably falls into place that editing and reforming sentence structures is a little more comfortable to me now, than say myself in my first year of undergrad. I say this, because despite sitting in front of my newly arranged desktop (quite awesomely if I may add), and cutting all distractions out, I simply can not work. I don’t feel the drive to succeed at all. It sounds conceited, but I was largely excited about having my increased lat size bust out in my t-shirt today. Yes, I was stimulated by my super awesome back (which has been my target for the last few months) and yes that is really lame how I was focused on my body like 1/3 of the time there, but I think that stimulation really lends itself to my hype and speed in editing. Its been almost two hours since I have arrived at home, and I still have yet to finish editing my second essay, whilst my first was done in a mere hour or so. Crazy.

edit; experiencing a euphoria with some really classic Yeah Yeah Yeahs Fever to Tell and Is Is. OMFG. Also slight damper- why is Deja Vu a bonus UK track for Show Your Bones. It should have been a single release in itself. Sigh. I can’t track a copy of it for the life of me. This night is unreal. I will not be able to sleep. I am so hype right now.

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