>Time of my life

>Just a few things- I managed to get clients that were in the age group that I wanted to work with! So that was good, so I get to focus on all the troubling aspects that I encountered during my stint in Education. Also I’m running full tilt with studying for my midterms and presentations so I’m really excited about that. I’m also trying a new way of studying, only possible because of the way my program works- I’m not rewriting the material in my texts into a bajillion pages. Rather I’m using sticky notes and summarizing relevant material as I read and filling my books with yellow paper. Its really easy to do, and rather fun, so woo! Also today I studied in my old haunts in Rutherford 5th floor, like old times. It was rather nostalgic, like the old days of madly cramming for my Art History class.

Other than that, life is friggin breezing by! Today I met a guy in the second year of my program, so I’m pretty excited to ask him about all the stuff I will be hitting up in a year’s time. Just looking back a year ago, things are just unreal right now! WOOOOOOO!

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