>Anti Fanboyism


So this is a little rant I have. I’m a big hater. Of fanboyism. I don’t care whose side you choose, I can’t stand when people jump on bandwagons. This includes people who hate bandwagons and outright refuse to have anything to do with bandwagons.

Case in point; Today at Rogers wireless, I was helping an uncle find a new phone, when the topic of the iPhone came up. I have been following its conception and release since day 1, like every other techie guru out there, and have understood its strengths/weaknesses. I say this with confidence. I have also been following what other manufacturers have been placing out in the field, and enjoying the blatant war that has been occurring in the fields. What I particularly enjoy is that its not entirely one sided, each company has been slugging with their best.

The Nokia 5800 Tube was first publicly shown in the Dark Knight. Nokia’s first foray into the touchscreen world, it was acknowledged for its relatively cheap price, dense pixel screen, and decent sound quality. It was lauded for its mediocre operating system, resistive touch screen among others. In the end, it still managed to sell quite decently for its price point. What made me so mad at the Rogers rep, was his blatant insistence that the iPhone had a better screen visual wise. I retorted with the screen pixel density, with the iPhone having a resolution of 480×320 whilst the Nokia had a res of 640×360. Not only does it have physically more pixels, it also has a smaller screen than the iPhone, meaning that it has a sharper image. He retorted that it doesn’t. Really? How far up Steve Job’s asshole are you? Next off, he could not figure out for the life of him just why he had made a statement why the iPhone’s screen was better. I had to guide his argument, talking about the different screen technologies (capacitive vs. resistive), brightness and color presentation. Granted I didn’t use hard numbers, but in the end, he still was adamant (repeatedly) that the iPhone was undoubtedly the best thing ever. Even better than a vaccine for AIDS.

Next off, I mentioned that the RIM Blackberry Storm 2 was officially unannounced, but had been making its rounds around various hubs on the net. I asked if Rogers would be carrying it. His answer included that the Storm 1 was such a “piece of shit” that there was no way Rogers would carry it. Really? Great wording at the workplace. Next off, having absolutely no idea what the Storm 2 was (RIM’s touchscreen phone), he made the assumption that there was simply no chance that a successor would have a chance of being sold. Interestingly enough, amongst other things, the most important feature that the Storm 2 has, is the one defining problem of the Storm 1- a terrible clicky screen. I won’t go into details, but the Storm 2 is highly anticipated around the net, and Blackberry has a definite chance for redemption in the touch screen market with it. The idiot at Rogers than offered me their next Blackberry device, a Curve successor. Interestingly enough, I did not give a fuck about it, since I was asking about the Storm 2, not the Curve.

He then proceeded to pick up his iPhone to check if his iTard Friends had called.

I know. I am a huge Nokia/Blackberry fanboy. But at least I know where and why I stand in my convictions. I respect the Apple camp for what it is, and love their products. I would own an iPhone if it had a hardware keyboard. As it does not, I love my Blackberry Bold 9000. I am a big fan of iTunes, of iPods and the whole Macbook line. What I despise is the stigmatism of stupid sheep like behavior of Apple fanboys. Steve Jobs isn’t a god. He’s amazing for what he has accomplished, but there are reasons, and I wish people would read them, rather than spit shining his shoes without basis. Damn.

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