>There comes a time when people are pressed to decide where they should invest their time and money into. This came over the weekend when I ended up landing a wicked deal on a demo model of the Sony Vaio TT, a carbon fibre premium laptop that is being phased out because its ridiculous $2299 asking price is simply way to ridiculous to compete with netbooks at $299. Granted, although there are significantly different details between the two, such as the luxurious carbon fiber body (unreal thin and light), as well as being able to shove a decent CULV processor vs. the typical Intel Atom, not too mention the optical drive, it still is the same stuff in the end. A very small laptop. Meaning it has cool battery life, and is small enough to tuck away. Also coming with this is a cramped keyboard and tiny screen. Worth the 2000 premium? No. Worth the $1299 the manager offered if I bought it that day? Probably not, but I am a sucker for deals (how asian of me), and it’s shift key is substantially more useful than the piece of shit on my HP laptop.

Fortunately I did say no, meaning I still have that money in my pocket. This is great, because I am terrible at spontaneous decisions on good deals, and I certainly don’t know where my priorities lie with my next comp. When you are eying the mouth watering 18.4 inch 1920×1080 screen of the Vaio AW and its sprawled out keyboard, or the Alienware M15x gaming laptop, as well as an ultraportable Vaio TT, there certainly is no reason to think that I know what I need for my next comp device. I am just a sucker for specs, and not practicality. Sigh.

Anyways, where was I? Oh the reason I was talking about priorities was because I just found out two of my fave artists, Sarah Slean and Metric will be playing in town at the end of the month. Unreal. For a going price of about 30 something each concert, its not too bad to enjoy undoubtedly high quality live sound. Do I have commitments? Yes. Do I have clients? Yes. Do I have a need to fill in 70 hours of shadowing and counselling within the next two months? Yes. Should I go? GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

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