>My school term is a delicious donburi


There was this one time when I thought I knew what a delicious donburi bowl tasted like. This was largely sculpted by my occasional outings at Shogun or heaven forbid Tokyo Express/Banzai. Then one day, I decided to try the donburi at Kobe and I died a little. The way the pork katsudon was all crispy and delicious? Yes please. The way the raw egg ran all over the rice and made a delightful texture. Mmmm. The sauce that…you get the point. Nom nom nom!

Anyways, why do I speak of the donburi in such a way? I feel like that’s what my school term has been like so far. Delicious, entertaining and absolutely delightful when it hits the senses. I love the readings, I love the content and I especially love the seminar styled lectures where I don’t have to take a bajillion notes, but instead can participate and truly enjoy the learning process. I now have the time to ponder during the lecture, instead of madly cramming every possible note into my scribbler. I wonder how a psychologist managed to nail the university lecture so well, when former teachers could not. Aside from my history of school psychology (which is absolutely grody and similar in disposition to Astrophysics 322), I effing love school right now.

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