>Sex Appeal


The full magnesium clad Pentax K-7 mounted with a 40mm limited f2.8 prime lens. Damn. Quite unfortunate that tests so far indicate a less than stellar high ISO performance, making me feel a little more smug/confident about the Nikon D90’s CMOS sensor (in turn less regret in not purchasing an otherwise unreal offering from Pentax). I totally dig the DA limited signature green. Hot.

Sometimes I like to just blog because I am happy. Does writing “I am happy” lack congruency with my inner state? I’m not sure. Am I trying an image onto readers that I am satisfied when I am really not? Its hard to analyze my nonverbal and verbal congruency when I’m not sitting in the therapist’s chair. It should be interesting when we start taping our sessions with clients and I can for the first time, observe my own characteristics.

In reference to the previous post, is a happy mood (as opposed to the negative moods I was generally referring to) detrimental to progress? I think so. I haven’t completed anything productive in the last hour and a half I have been awake. I however have been listening to some damn good music and enjoying the morning otherwise. I suppose my idea of being productive would be working out and hitting up academic matters, but that’s ok. I am happy. 

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