>Steve Jobs unleashes the boring and mundane


Today I spoke with my academic advisor about my soon to blossom 2 year program. I feel like I am finally hitting some sense into Erikson’s fifth Psychosocial stage: Identity vs. Identity diffusion. Let’s overview a bit where I am coming from. I feel that I was immediately at Foreclosure upon entering Univeristy, with a strong commitment to teach, without experiencing a strong crisis (defined as an event which challeneges a commitment, and in turn strengthens/breaks the bond). This was worse with science, with Identity Diffusion in mind. I never understood where I would like to go with entomology and never made any real dedication to the field. This lead to a rather unstable/unsatisfied undergrad year, never feeling like I belonged to any field properly. After a series of events(namely my practicum/field experiences, employment with inner city/after school care programs and my honors thesis), I believe some conclusion has been made. I feel just dandy that I seem to have achieved Erikson’s Identity Achieved stage (commitment after crisis). I really feel like I hit the nail on the head with this program, where I can focus on the aspect of Education I enjoy the most- working with psychological cases with kids. I have never felt more excited about my cohort, my text books and whatever the future has in store. Perhaps most excitable was the notion that if I undertook further studies as a Ph.D I would be able to practice privately, in clinical settings and so forth. Although Alberta is the only province to license psycholgists at the Master’s level, the world really opens up after a doctorate. What I enjoy about this is just how much room there is to grow in this field (hello career stagnation fail!). I am currently not super interested in practicing outside the school setting, but in a few years it could change. Really interesting stuff, as I had wrongly thought that a Ph.D would be a strict academia sense (which I respect, but have little current interest in career wise). So it was really neat hearing that doctoral students in Ed Psych focus not just on research, but also field experience/courses to develop their clinical skills. What an exciting opening this has proved! Its too early(!) to determine if that is the route I would like to take, but its exhilirating knowing that this career path exists!

Technology barf warning: In fantastic/hotly anticipated tech news today, Apple has unleashed this years iPod family….with little fanfare. The iPod classic has undergone a hard drive bump, as has the iPod touch. The iPod nano received a camera on its back (because that was the most important thing fans were clamoring for, a shitacular recording device just like their cameraphone’s). I’m overall really let down by this. Although I am not sure what Apple could have had in store, I feel they have hit a creative let down. There simply is nothing to innovate on their iPod line. I am very curious as to where Apple will be headed in the next few years. They certainly already have the typical tool consumer under their reign. Will they appeal to the geek crowd? Will they actually be competing with the sound signatures of the Samsung/Sony/Cowon (respectively, models P3, X1000 and S9)? I hope they will! A change in sonic signature from their headphone jacks would be most certainly welcome.

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