>My phone and my diet


Calorie count for the win! After yesterday’s desperate plea for a calorie ladened mind, I remembered that my Blackberry was in fact a smart phone, and that there is an entire App World meant for it. Lo and behold, after a few minutes of Binging (yes I have switched to Micro$oft’s new and aesthetically pleasing search engine), I managed to track two apps. The first, the Brio Calorie Counter was neat because it tallied your calories and made bar graphs and such. It however, did not tell me what each item’s calories were. The next candidate was FatSecret’s Calorie Counter, which was also free! It has a built in search engine, askign for total servings, how the item is cooked and so on. The end result is a fantastic calorie diary that will always be with me. How I love my Blackberry. Today I hit 1977 calories. My goal is to drop 300 calories off that mark and make it around 1700 calories by two weeks. I can easily see where I can shave that off. It may actually be easier to drop than I thought! It is a bunch of small things that add up, that I really don’t need. What I like most about this is that it allows me to see where the small things I wave off actually have impact. There is a bright future ahead.
I am planning on leaving the house early tm, to hit the gym and grab some text books. I liek reading older/still relevant material, but I would also like to read material that will get me through graduate school. Hence my early morning commute tm. I plan on finishing the night with a half hour dip into some more Guy R. LeFrancois’ Psychology for Teaching (really a text for the introductory practicum, but yet filled with glorious amounts of research based classroom application) and some classic Sound’s Crossing the Rubicon. What a good night!

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