>An increased use of clinical terminology


One of my most important goals this term is to be able to use my text book knowledge and apply it in real world settings, rather than just exams and GPA competitions. This is not just for wasted information(although it certainly is!), but as well, it is an effort to combat a situation which counselors often encounter (rather commonly!). This involves the lack of contiguity between espoused theory (AKA the theories which one believes to be working under) and the actual in use theory. Most theories are in fact experience/intuition based, and often lack declarative basis (in that they are not aware of what theories are used to inform their actions). I find this largely unsettling in many aspects, amongst others, my seemingly defunct BEd. I often feel that all of the readings and texts and simply been thrown out of the roof, and I lack solid basis for my decisions in the classroom. I suppose a great example of the opposite was a classmate V, who was capable of reinforcing his decisions through literature quotations (authors, journal, year!). Despite the danger of looking like an intellectual nerdlinger, he held his conversations exceedingly well, a trait I quite admired. I feel that aside from good logic, there is little more one can do to destroy a debate with peer reviewed journals.
I aspire the capability to apply solid base work in critical debate, rather than using emotion and half assed arguments, which seem to stem from a Wikipedia post (although Wikipedia now has permanent moderators!). Furthermore, I would like to avoid a simple didactic text dump on my friends, and instead emphasize a more Socratic discussion (where dialogue actually holds meaning and is constructed through reinforcement of ideas). I often feel that the only time I feel remotely intelligent is with a fact spew that I somehow manage to randomly segway into an argument. Although this holds merit to some extent, I do not feel that it is reflective on the ideas that seems to be bursting within (which are largely suppressed, and followed up with some odd guttural animalistic noises). I don’t think I am dumb, but I certainly feel that sometimes (and by that I mean most of the time) I come off as a not intellectual giant.
I apparently have lost track of my post’s original intention, with my obsession with what people think about me (helloooooo not Joey!). Anyways, the end result is that I feel that I would like to ground my conversations/reflections with more textual knowledge, such that my espoused theories are not simply intuitive. I suppose intuition can be bloody fantastic when it leads to good results, but as somebody who works with an empathetic basis, it is largely difficult to allow an audience to understand your POV when it can only be explained with a “I got a good feeling about this one!

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  1. joey says:

    >hahahainteresting post. we're discussing movements towards best practice (ie. applying text knowledge and research to the real world) in our professional issues course, so i'm right up there with you learning how to do application and not simply mark fetching.i have an opinion though – i think it's very important not to forget that being a competent clinician is still integral to the whole process between client, research, you. i don't think we can do away entirely with gpa based knowledge, because i think memorization and text learning is very important. at the same time, you also need to be able to integrate it into the daily work you do, so it's a balance between the two that's necessary.i had that problem in my first two years of high school where i believed the typical way of rote memorization was too orthodox for me…and then i failed everything.food for thought.-j

  2. joey says:

    >oh another thing don't be afraid to speak your mind and don't be scared to be a keener. your main intent is not to scare or intimidate others, but rather to glean as much knowledge as you can out of conservation and lecture.if something spurs your memory, agree with it. if something seems conflicting, speak your mind. it lets people know your position and it also reaffirms your own values and ideas at the same time. jia always likes to take the devil's advocate just to make sure you really know where you stand. the best thing you can do in university is obviously learn as much as you can, and one of the best ways to do it is be a keen (albeit nice and humble) learner.i know we have stimulating discussions so you're obviously someone who thinks critically and reflects on things. you speak intelligently, so as long as you're not bringing up conversations on rainbows and puppies when they're talking about Piaget you should be good.good luck this year. sounds like you're off to a good start.-j

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