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The new Sony Ericsson Xperia X2 is the newest iteration from their multimedia/entertainment sector. The successor to the hotly debated Xperia X1, it improves on a number of things. One if my favorites is the newly designed keyboard, which looks substantially better than the original keyboard, which was flush and barely useable (at least from my POV and the BoyGeniusReport’s review). Those keys looks nice and clunky, perfect for shooting off emails and what not. I also like the overall aesthetics more, albeit I do miss the sheer screen size of the Nokia N900. I am disspointed to hear that its still running the same processor, something the in the 520MHz line, which couldn’t really keep up with sluggish Windows Mobile. Overall a pretty exciting announcement (even if it had been leaked like everywhere months ago). Check out the clips below detailing some of the Xperia X2’s traits.

The new Sony Vaio X is the latest carbon fiber laptop to take the reigns of world’s thinnest/lightest…etc. Its a nice bringback to the Vaio X505 which came out years ago and sold for an astronomical 4000 USD (with such power as a 20GB hardrive!). This laptop is half the thiness of the Macbook Air (WTF) and weights 1.5 lbs. To quote Gizmodo however:For those keeping score on thinness, Adamo is 0.65 inches and weighs around 4 pounds, while MacBook Air‘s ballooning ass is 0.76 inches and it weighs about 3 pounds, though both of them have 13-inch screens versus the X-series 11.1-inch display.”

The kicker here is that it has a battery life which goes all day, which has been revealed to be largely as a result from its Intel Atom CPU. Which is the strength for a netbook. WTF. Knowing how Sony’s pricing scheme works, it simply does not seem worth it to pay this much for power that can be had for merely a few hundred CDN dollars (200 even). Being thin and all is nice, but when you look at ultraportables like the Lenovo X200 or the Macbook Air, which both run full fledged laptop CPUs, its kind of stupid to have Intel Atom inside for such a premium. Yes you could be only needing it for documents and net, so CPU power shouldn’t matter. But that’s why you buy a netbook. Look at the X’s keyboard and it really doesn’t offer any advantage over other netbooks (hello shitty sized right shift key). Maybe I am jumping to conclusions too fast here. If real life testing shows all day battery, then I guess I will be convinced. But since the X200 offers nearly 9 hours and 52 minutes with its 9 cell battery and can be had for 800 bucks (with a far better keyboard), I’m really hard pressed to be impressed with the Vaio X right now. Ok, who am I kidding, that half the thickness of a Macbook Air is pretty damn amazing.

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