>Kohlberg’s Morality


As I prepare myself for my school psychology program, I stumbled on some old material that really seemed to hit home. According to Kohlbergs Level of Morality, people undergo six stages of analyzing moral dilemmas. In reference to my previous post about letting emotions take control of your behavior, it was interesting to see the first two levels of Kohlberg’s morality. So-called Punishment and Obedience Orientation (stage 1) and Naive Instrumental Hedonism (Stage 2), decisions are based on the outcome of being punished, or of having a pleasurable outcome. Its interesting in that when you lose logic and reason, your mind simply resorts to the lowest levels of morality, whether you will be punished or pleasured. It seems ironic/daunting that adults can resort to the moral reasoning of a child when they let their feelings get the better of them. Perhaps it would be wise to be a robot some of the time.

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  1. o says:

    >Woooh! This stuff sounds cool. I'm going to go look up this stuff on Kohlberg's Morality. Man, I really wish I could have taken a lot more psych related stuff in Uni. You're lucky, Ellis, you get to study and work in this type of psychology, helping kids who need it the most.PS: I'm an advocate of partial robotism. Cyborgism…

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