>Really Interesting Hands on with the Canon G11


This shot shows the wonderful controls on the Canon G11. On the fly adjustment to EV compensation (think how dark/light the exposure will be), ISO adjustment (albeit I wouldn’t be crossing ISO 200 on this thing), Program mode…..I effing love the controls on the G11. I wish my Nikon D90 had controls like this.

The camera is of course, drop dead gorgeous. Easily a prime candidate for replacing my Nikon compact, it holds the benefit of being built like a tank (like the magnesium body of my P5100), with all the raw power of the Canon Digic IV engine (think much faster operation). I don’t care about the size increase, I just want something that doesn’t take a full second to focus.

The icing on the cake is the flip put high res LCD, something I have been a huge fan of, since I had one of the Canon A series awhile back (which I unfortunately traded for the Canon S3is, a slightly less exciting camera to me now). I love this Canon. I just wish it had a faster lens. Canon would have made the killer combo by placing the F2.0 lens on this G series.

Images courtesy of Gizmodo.

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