>Mmm recovery road from calorie intake


Yesterday was Magdalene’s birthday party, which was smashing as usual. In particular I enjoyed sitting on her trampoline after the cake was cut, and talking with Sij, something that is becoming rarer and rarer these days. Talking with an old friend, away from the hustle and bustle, a plate of sinful calories and a cooling night sky leads to happiness. I also enjoyed the randomness of watching sitcoms and Dorito/nacho cheese platters at 5AM. I’m such a cheese fan, its absolutely terrible. In this case, even if there wasn’t cheese on the chip, it still had the yummy nacho spice all over. OMG. An overall solid night! I also ate wayyy too much. I hit up the Second Cup on my way to work and grabbed a cinnamon Danish (always a rock solid favorite), a pecan tart (quite large and too greasy for my taste), and a crowd pleasingly large Butter Pecan coffee. After drinking terrible instant for the past week, it was unbelievably satisfying to partake in this caffeinated pleasure. Mmmmm.

I rather quite enjoy all the novel things I have been accosted to this week. On Tuesday, I arrived both at the wrong school and wrong shift for work. This led me to having two hours to kill before starting a closing shift (which in general, every staff hates). I managed to walk/crash on an adjacent field and talk with Owen on MSN, then subsequently complete a workout at the local fitness center which opened in the nick of time. It was quite satisfying to say the least to have all of this completed before work, and at the same time, really exciting to work out in a new center (albeit with mostly quite friendly seniors).

Further on into the week, I learned more abdominal workouts from Marc. I am enjoying this new found source of knowledge, and its also creating a ripple in my somewhat monotone routine of a lifestyle. I was talking about this with Joey, on how our friends have such vastly different paradigms in thinking. Take for example economics with Jia. It is completely foreign to me and it sometimes frustrates me beyond belief trying to interpret his topics (especially when terminology just shoots through the roof). However, it also fascinates me to be subjected to such different topics, and as mentioned before, disrupts the somewhat simplistic mindset I believe myself to have. Choice topics that I love talking about include music,coffee, electronics, entomology, fitness and photography. I’m sure there are more, but my mind revolves around those like no other, and sometimes I find myself wondering if I am simply daft in not opening up my way of thinking. It makes conversing in foreign tongues quite fascinating/satisfying!

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