>Just finished a solid day at the gym

>I am on my way home on the LRT after a solid day at the gym. I did six sets of the military 75lb dumbbell press (6 reps per set), and the 8×8 90lb dumbbell decline press. To top it all off I did the four sets of new ab exercises Ed/Marc taught me. The cool thing is today I didn't use my hands on the bench, which I had to do the first time cause my abs are shit sauce. Nice! Coupled with a perfect timing on all my transit transfers and a protein drink(which definitely tastes shittier than my old brand) its a solid night, save for the fact that I'm sweating like a pig (for reasons unknown, my backpack is super heavy today and I didn't stop to cool down after working out). Kind of gross really. Plus I smiled at a girl in the gym and she smiled back. A nice ending to the day.

I'm really excited about my new magazine subscriptions I'll be busting out over the next few weeks. I'm a huge fan of National Geographic, both for the wonderful photography and the articles about our fascinating planet. I'm also ordering Men's Health, an awesome rag with articles on getting fit, life and girls. Finally, I'm also getting Rolling Stone. I was a huge fan of the magazine before, but for reasons unknown, I sort of dropped it. In particular I've found myself wordless when raving about my fave bands other than "they are so fucking awesome!" It will be nice to learn how to critique music in the proper terminology of the profession.

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