We took our kids camping for three days and two nights at a semi hotel like campground at Gull Lake. It was a fun experience which seems to have gone a bit smoother than last years trip. The only thing that seemed to not work well was the fact that we were with kids for three days straight and with 60 some children screaming all the time, you get a bit tired. By bit, I mean a lot. That’s ok, it was well worth it. Here we are doing the staff challenges, where the staff are subjected to a series of bizarre stunts to appease to children. Note my t shirt has been completely torn off/apart in the back due to several eager staff (haha). Notice my belly sticking out. It is time to rock the gym today. Hard.

Some of our challenges included eating a plate of spaghetti the fastest (I dominated!), chugging cans of pop (I threw up!) and throwing various food items at each other. Notice my war paint. I was ready to lay the competition down. I had poured several cans of pop all over me at this point, and I was freezing. But happy.

This is our summer staff for 2009. A fun group to work with! And with that short post, I’m off to get ready to go to the gym and bench heavy, which I haven’t done in a long time. W00t!

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