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Friday night called for a super fun dinner at The Old Spaghetti Factory downtown. I ordered the same dish that I had years ago, the Hunter’s Chicken with spaghetti (essentially a rather large breaded fillet of delicious chicken) and their super awesome onion soup (with layers of cheese, yes please). It was actually a rather large gathering (very rare these days!) as it was both Howard/Albert’s Going Away Dinner and Doris’ Birthday. What was more exciting was what followed dinner.

We went to Vinyl. I sound like some high school teenager saying this, but given that it was my first time clubbing/drinking it was so fun! I had a grand time hitting the dance floor with its pounding music and lights. It seems that under alcohol’s influence, every song sounds awesome (I’m pretty sure I remember saying later on that night how some of it was absolutely terrible). I remember the lights everywhere, the jumping/terrible dancing and thinking everything was funny. How fun!

Although the night ended on a slight sour note, I had tons of fun! I am looking forward to the next shindig for sure. I’m also somewhat appalled that it was the last time I’ll see Howard and Albert in a really long time. Another group of friends departs. Le sad.

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