>Shure’s Top of the Line Cans and Abs


I’m really excited about these cans from Shure. They are closed cans, meaning that they are meant for portable listening, whilst in the library (both keeping noise from leaking out, and from coming in). This will be great for the tons of studying I intend to do over the next two years. As well, they are Shure’s top of the line can, and yet can be had currently for 129 USD! Superb considering the rave reviews so far on Head-Fi.org, meaning audiophiles respect these cans. I’m going to wait and see what else crops up, but in the meantime, its great to see something so amazing, for relatively so little money.

to quote:
“The SRH840‘s deep bass extension and slam is everything you’d expect from good closed headphones, but still very detailed and controlled. Though bass is north of neutral, it never strikes me as overbearing, being much better damped than Ultrasone’s PRO 900, with even more accuracy down low than Ultrasone’s very expensive Edition 9 (which is another of my few favorite closed headphones). The SRH840’s midrange is fuller than Sennheiser’s new HD 380 Pro, and is simply a better headphone than Sennheiser’s latest pro audio entry. Full though it is, I wouldn’t call the SRH840’s midband bloomy, which, for what it is, is just how I’d want it. There was obviously some effort made to make sure the SRH840’s treble has sparkle, something not often associated (by me anyway) with closed headphones. The SRH840 actually reminds me of the SHURE’s own SE530 in-ear monitor, but with sparklier treble–fuller than neutral, but still with excellent detail. It’s also like the SE530 in that it has very good passive isolation, blocking out the world very well, and just about completely so when any music is playing.”

I’ve been a bit grossed out with my current shitty cans, particularly the muddy bass, with little distinguishment between low/mid bass and just trashy highs. Gross. Especially when I put them on straight CD and the bass just crashes the listening experience.

Also- I ripped off a big chunk of my big toe nail (by kicking a soccer ball with flip flops OMG) and it stings like unreal. Just to let you know. Damn.

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